Verena von Eschenbach

From German Alpine Sportswear to Mongolian Cashmere. 

The origin of the brand leads back to Verena von Eschenbach’s wish for a fairly and sustainably produced cashmere scarf. Since 2014, VvE is building bridges between Europe, Nepal and Mongolia. Bridges of balance, sustainability, awareness and respect for nature, animals and people.
Enthusiastic about the pure wool of the cashmere goats, the yak cattle and the camels, VvE went in search for this valuable raw material and finally found it in Outer Mongolia. The cashmere is obtained from nomads that accompany their wild and free living herds through areas that are not overgrazed and will not become overgrazed due to their constant move. The nomads are paid fairly and directly through the Mongolian cooperatives of the respective communities.
The result is a unique shawl that interweaves holistic values in the design of Verena von Eschenbach - our Queen of sustainable Cashmere!